10 years ago

SEVEN schools across Darwen were given a welcome boost from the legacy of a kind-hearted spinster.

Elizabeth Bury, 90, left £60,000 to the Church of England schools in her will.

Most of the cash was used to buy extra prizes to award the pupils for special achievements.

Mrs Bury lived in Greenways Home for the elderly for eight years before she died.

25 years ago

PROTESTERS demonstrating for the right to roam at an Accrington beauty spot were forced to call off their demo after a farmer threatened to spray them with liquid manure.

The 100-strong group planned to hold a protest over at Priestly Clough owned by farmer Frank Riley of Rothwell Heights Farm in Baxenden after he blocked a footpath popular with ramblers, saying it was not a legal right of way.

Councillors urged both parties to "cool it" and negotiate.

50 years ago

SCHOOLGIRLS should only have one free night a week and should go to bed early on the other nights, according to the headmistress of a Blackburn school.

Head of Blakey Moor Secondary Girls' School Miss A M Hampton said too many girls mistakenly thought they could have hobbies and still pass exams.

She said: "Too many girls think they can achieve academic success without giving up any of their amusements - their youth clubs, dances, cinemas and boyfriends."