THE London Marathon is a great opportunity to get fit and to raise money for a good cause, so if you're running next year's London Marathon why not make a difference and run for The Institute of Cancer Research, home of the Everyman Campaign!

Most people will have experienced cancer, either themselves, or maybe through a loved one, family member or friend. Research is the key to unlocking the secrets of cancer and that is why The Institute of Cancer Research is dedicated to continuing their world-class research until the mysteries surrounding cancer have been unravelled.

Scientific advances made at The Institute have helped dramatically to improve and often save people's lives, but there is still much more to be done.

So please go the extra mile, support the Institute of Cancer Research and join the fight against cancer. To get involved contact Faye Orme on 0207 153 5297 or

IWAN THOMAS, On behalf of The Institute of Cancer Research.