RE Your article (LET, October 18) on the paint stripper attack at a proposed boys' home in Darwen.

As residents of Whitehall Terrace, we do not think there is much mystery about this vandalism.

It is nothing to do with the plans to open 1 Whitehall Terrace as a boys' home, as people in this area would not object in this way. In the past we have all been subject to vandalism. The previous owners of the proposed home also suffered from periodic damage to the house.

No-one would object to someone fostering a child and taking them into their own family, giving them the love and care they need, but this is different. It is not a family unit it is people doing a job.

Mrs Ainsworth says these boys have been in local authority care. reference has been made to 'challenging and disruptive behaviour'.

A solicitor's letter sent to planning department in support of her application states there may be occasions where these boys have committed offences.

We do not feel a mid-terrace house is a suitable place for this business venture.

IAN and DOROTHY RIDING, Whitehall Terrace, Darwen.