THE MUM of a teenage holidaymaker trapped on a Greek island after he claimed thieves stole his hired-moped today pleaded: "I just want my son back home."

Arron Cobb, 18, of Hillcrest, Stacksteads, has been forced to find £1,500 demanded by the scooter company. His frantic mother Colette Cobb is desperately trying to find enough cash to ensure he can return home after the hire-company seized his passport.

Today Rossendale MP Janet Anderson advised single mum Mrs Cobb not to pay the money, saying: "She shouldn't have to pay out this kind of money. I'm sure there's something we can do to sort this mess out."

Arron, a former All Saints High School, pupil, Rawtenstall, is currently staying in Kavos, Corfu.

He was due to fly home next Tuesday after the two-week break but will be detained in the country until he pays the whopping bill.

Arron, who works for J&J Ormerod, Stacksteads, claims he was pushed off the moped and had it stolen on Saturday afternoon.

He is now alone in the resort after his friend received news that his father had died and flew back home.

Arron wanted to return home at the same time, but couldn't because the company refused to give him his passport.

The Foreign Office have now intervened and were due to send a representative from the British Consul to meet with Arron.

A spokesman said: "We have never heard of a case like this before. It seems like rather strange action to take."

Arron's mum Colette, 39, who claims income support to look after her disabled 15-year-old daughter Sarah-Jane, said: "I have been beside myself with worry, but decided the only option is to get myself into debt for the first time in my life and get a loan to pay for his freedom.

"Arron has never been abroad before and I don't think he'll ever go again.

"I just want him home. It feels awful knowing he's out there on his own.

"I want this to act as a warning to other youngsters going on holiday this summer. Mopeds are dangerous and not worth all the hassle."

A spokesman for NatWest Insurance, who Arron took his insurance policy with, said: "This is not something we cover travellers for. Under the personal liability section it states we do not insure people to hire motorised vehicles. He would have needed separate insurance for that.

"This is usually provided by the hire company but with it being Greece the laws are different than here."

Thomsons, the holiday company he travelled with, are providing him with advice and support but claimed all holidaymakers are advised against hiring mopeds.