YOU have reported on a tragic death in Morecambe and a campaign for speed restrictions on South Road. It seems to me that greater use and enforcement of 20 mph zones is the answer.

The Government's own figures show that at 20 mph only five per cent of pedestrians are killed but at 30 mph this increases to 45 per cent.

However, the policy of the Government at the moment is that these zones need to be self policing - in other words that you can only have such zones in areas that already have traffic calming.

Assuming that this self-policing works (which it doesn't in many cases) this is a circular argument - if it is impossible to go faster than 20 mph, what is the point in calling it a 20 mph zone!?

Surely what we need is 20 mph zones in all areas where accidents are potentially likely. Mobile speed cameras have been used in other countries to enforce the speed limit in a cost-effective way. There is no reason why we cannot do this here.

Cllr Jon Barry, Lancaster.