PRO-LIFE campaigners will form a chain of love to remember the millions of unborn babies killed by abortion.

Leigh members of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children are inviting supporters to join them in the annual silent witness to the children who have died since the passing of the Abortion Act in October 1967 as well as to the hurt caused to women by abortion.

On Saturday, October 23, from 11am to 1pm supporters, standing at intervals with placards, will form a chain along Spinning Jenny Way in a bid to bring home the reality of abortion.

Leigh's SPUC organiser Lawrence Hawkins said: "Since 1968 some six million unborn children have been killed through registered abortion. This figure does not include abortions caused by birth control methods such as intra-uterine devices and morning after pills. Nor does it include the number of embryos destroyed or discarded during and after in vitro fertilisation."