SOME managers are happy if they avoid defeat; others are driven to achieve perfection; Boro boss Kevin Glendon is firmly in the latter category.

Having seen his side come from behind to grab a point against Witton Albion, Glendon's was one of disappointment.

"It was a terrific game of football and we played some tremendous stuff, even if I say so myself, but I was bitterly, bitterly disappointed we didn't get all three points," he said.

It was not the goal itself his side conceded as the manner in which it was presented on a plate that angered him.

"I want Davey (Luker) out of the back four as soon as I can because he gifted them a goal and we can't afford to do that if we are to be successful," he said.

"Some of the moves we have to put together to try to create a goal are incredible, but they were gifted one.

"If he wants to be in the team he as to be sure he doesn't do things like that.

"Paul Challinor, Paul McGuire and Stephen Hill haven't been doing things like that, which is why they've had clean sheets when they've played together.

"To be fair Davey did better in the second half but we can't afford to have players make elementary mistakes like that at the back.

"I want my three central defenders to let the other seven destroy teams, which is what they are good at.

"When you are passing and moving as well as we are you just want your three at the back to sit there and defend, they don't need to do that much, just win the ball and knock it 10 yards.

"If I can get those three back and bring in another lad who can dominate midfield we will be there or there abouts.

Although he was dejected by his teams performance at the back, he was delighted by what he saw up front

"Fozzie (Steve Foster) did brilliant again and scored another goal, it just shows you the difference between him and Rory Patterson - Fozzie's got his confidence back while Rory's still looking for his, but I'm sure it will return, he said.

"Then there's Phil Denney, he made a huge difference when he came on, he's a different type of player to Rory and some times you need that.

"In midfield we played some lovely one-touch football, but weve been doing that for most of the season.

This Saturday away to Guiseley he looks like being without his preferred back three: "Challi's got a recurring knee injury and McGuire's tweaked a hamstring, he said: Hilly maybe fit but Ill probably have to go with Luker, Kelly and Battersby.

"I really want three points on Saturday, if we don't get them I'll be bitterly disappointed. We've only lost four out of 13 games in the league, but we havre to stop drawing and start winning, and Id like to start that at Guiseley."