AN 18-year-old Blackburn man told police he was going to use a large kitchen knife to "slash" prostitutes and pimps.

Hyndburn magistrates heard that as Martin Bury was being arrested a prostitute walked past and he called her "dirty" and said he would get her.

Peter Wild, prosecutor, said that after his arrest Bury told police it was just as well they had got him. He told the officer: "Otherwise I would have slashed one, they disgust me."

Bury, of Green Lane, Blackburn, pleaded guilty possessing an offensive weapon and failing to surrender to bail.

He also admitted damaging a garage door and Mr Wild asked the magistrates to consider whether he presented too much of a risk to be granted bail.

He was remanded in custody until November 8 and the magistrates ordered reports.

Gareth Price, defending, said Bury had been drinking heavily and on the night he was caught with the knife he did not remember leaving the house.