I'M glad to see that English Heritage have joined my long-standing campaign to save our streets from unnecessary signs, road painting and street furniture.

Last week Women's Institute members were mobilised in a joint campaign with the government's heritage agency for better public spaces.

WI volunteers will be hitting the streets with clipboards to carry out "clutter audits" which will be delivered to local authorities all over the country in the next few weeks.

They are part of English Heritage's Save our Streets action plan to change the chaotic appearance of roads, high streets and squares.

For years I've been slamming the red, white, yellow and green markings all over the roads, the disabled boxes outside houses, the marked off bus stops and the growing number of signs which say nothing.

Between my home and the m-way, a distance of less than a mile, there are over 70 signs and bollards, which have spoiled what was once a normal clear black road through a rural area.

It drives me potty and I wish National Heritage every success.