HAVE-A-GO hero cousins Paul and Jack Eatock foiled a bag snatch at a Leigh superstore on Sunday.

The duo were entering the Asda foyer when a thief ran past them carrying a ladies' handbag.

They answered staff cries to stop him and gave chase. The incident resulted in the bag being retrieved, the snatcher escaping and Paul suffering a torn ligament, fractured rib and burst knuckle.

He also ripped his new suit and damaged his watch and bracelet in the rugby tackle which brought down the escaping thug.

Joiner Paul, 31, said the action was just instinctive. When the lad ran out and mounted a bike he ran across the car park and dived on top of him getting entangled in the fall. Unfortunately the attacker slipped out his grasp but 18-years-old Jack managed to grab the bag before the lad made his getaway.

Paul, who describes himself as a big softy who can't stand pain and doesn't play any sport, puts his swift action down to his lifeboat service in North Wales.

"I suppose it's inbuilt to look after people," he said.

Thankfully the snatch victim escaped without injury and can't thank the lads enough for retrieving her property. If only there were more like them.

Now Paul would like to know why no security men came to their assistance and why it was left to Joe Public to chase the thief.

I can't find an answer to that because Asda refused to comment, but the duo certainly deserve some recognition and compensation for damage. Hopefully the thief will have been caught on camera, be found and prosecuted.