I WRITE in response to the letter from Ronald Hodgson (LET, October 18) regards motorway lane hogging.

He states that all three lanes should be occupied at all times anyway.

May I point out that overtaking on the inside is illegal, so if everyone did as he suggests and drove in the middle lane the inside lane would not be in use most of the time.

He also states that if you do not drive below the legal maximum of 70mph there is nothing wrong with hogging the middle lane. Is he not aware that circumstances at times do not allow you to drive at 70mph so this shoots his theory down.

Common courtesy and sense tells you that the correct way to drive is to keep to the nearside lane and only move out to overtake, and if both the nearside and middle lanes are occupied you can then use the outside lane.

Please note the name I have given to the lanes are the correct names and not the fast and slow lanes as some people call them. They can all be fast or slow lanes.

I have been driving now for 42 years and have driven everything from a car to a heavy goods vehicle. May I suggest that Mr Hodgson buys a copy of the Highway Code and enrols for a new driving test.

BOB STEVENS, Naples Road, Darwen.