BUNNOCKS can take a trip down memory lane with a new book dedicated to early 20th century Penwortham, Hutton and Longton.

The book, by Catherine Lees, includes the story of how Penwortham people got the nickname bunnock.

She said: "Bunnock is a parkin type cake and there were people who used to come and work on the railways from across the country.

"They saw all the Penwortham people with their bunnocks in their lunches and this became a nickname."

Penwortham, Hutton and Longton in Focus is full of picture postcards dating from 1900 to the 1940s, each one with a story to tell.

The 50-year-old history buff of Greencroft, Penwortham, a former librarian, took five months to research and complete the book, which is due to hit the shelves next week.

Mrs Lees, who has always lived in Penwortham, said it was great meeting different people in the course of researching the book.

"It's incredible how welcoming people were. I got big bags of potatoes and home-grown tomatoes. I found people who could be traced back to the same families too.

"I spoke to a couple of people about the Anchor Inn at Hutton who told me the old licensee could still be seen, as a ghost. I've really learned so many fascinating stories."

Mrs Lees who is studying for an archaeology degree at the University of Central Lancashire and also works in Waterstones bookshop, said: "I'm quietly excited about seeing it, but it will be strange if I serve someone at work who is buying my book.

"I had a wonderful time putting it together and will remember it fondly."