WORDS cannot express my anger towards the brain-dead morons who casually abandoned five starving kittens outside an Asda store (Bury Times, October 1).

There is no need for this absurd action, whatever the circumstances.

Christmas is coming, a festive occasion to be enjoyed by everyone. So, if you are considering getting a lovable kitten or puppy - then please consider the consequences. Do not buy one on a whim. Think seriously about what you have to offer by keeping a pet for the next 10 years or so. It is time consuming and very costly.

If you are truly responsible, get your pet spayed or neutered to avoid unwanted litters, a real headache for everyone. A charity in Bury offers this service for a small fee, including advice. Contact Armac Vets in Bury, or ring Preventing Unwanted Pets (0161 763 4728).


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