IT was a relief to read that Bury Council's planning committee had had the vision to refuse the application by Holcombe Brook Tennis Club for the construction of 13 new tennis courts (nine with floodlights).

New clubhouse, car park, two children's courts, practice wall and landscaping on land off Hazel Hall Lane, Holcombe Brook, which is part of our precious Green Belt.

Green Belts were devised to provide breaks and ensure green open spaces in conurbations because of the inevitable spread of urban development. It only requires a journey from Manchester city centre, via Bury New or Old Road, to Holcombe Brook precinct or Walmersley, to recognise the need for the Green Belt and the obvious benefits gained from the foresight of past generations.

It is essential that the Green Belt is maintained as is ensures an improved environment for everyone in the Bury area, thereby making it a more desirable place to live and consequently maintaining its prosperity.

The Green Belt must be maintained in its entirety. Areas encroached upon now will be lost for ever. We should seek to maintain the legacy handed to us.

It can only be hoped that a thriving sports club, which has allowed both its clubhouse and two tennis courts to fall into a state of disrepair, puts its hoped-for new-found wealth to good use, while considering the needs of all residents of the borough.

The Green Belt is one of Bury's priceless assets, established for the benefit of all. It must be maintained at all costs.


Newton Drive,

Greenmount, Bury