WANTED: Neighbourhood Pride Motivator - or in plain English, a recycling worker.

Hyndburn Council was today accused of joining the long-line of organisations guilty of using technical 'gobbledegook' after advertising the environmental post without mentioning rubbish or recycling in the job title.

According to adverts the role, which commands a salary of £18,537-£19,766, requires a 'highly motivated individual, fluent in Urdu', to 'raise awareness and provide information of waste management, recycling and waste collection services'.

And today the authority was mocked by the council's leader of the opposition, and a group set up to rid the world of complicated jargon offered the borough some advice on future job adverts.

Coun Jean Battle, leader of the Labour group, said: "The job title doesn't fit the job. If I were looking at it, I would say: 'What's this? Is it something to do with keep fit?'

"It's trying to get people interested in recycling, but it's gobbledegook."

And council leader Peter Britcliffe, leader of the council, said: "Hands up, we are guilty! The council is very proud of its record on recycling, but obviously we cannot get everything right!"

The Plain English Campaign today said such job descriptions were often found in local authorities, and care should be taken to make sure applicants know what the job involves.

A spokesman said: "It's an example of trying to avoid any mention of rubbish or waste, but it leaves you not entirely clear about what the job actually does.

"We find this a lot with local authorities where it isn't clear what the person is actually going to be doing."

The vacancy has a closing date of today. The successful applicant needs experience of working in the community and running campaigns and promotional activities.

One of Hyndburn Council's main strengths is its recycling, with national targets being broken regularly. The council has even been nominated for national awards.

But the Plain English Campaign has advised the council how to describe such a position in the future.

The spokesman said: "We normally say to write to the intended audience. It's fine to advertise a job with technical detail if it's qualified technical people you're looking for.

"But if it's something like this, where it isn't a widely-known job, then it needs to take care people do understand what the job involves.

"That job title could easily be interpreted as someone who walks around saying isn't Lancashire great, isn't it wonderful living here!"

Coun Britcliffe added: "I thank these people for pointing these things out to us."