THE brothers of a blind toddler who died suddenly at home surprised their family when they expressed their grief in poems in remembrance of their sibling.

Faheem, six, and Naseer, seven, Patel had asked their mum, Sahada, 29, for arts and crafts papers so they could each make tributes in memory of their brother, Muhummed. Two and a half-year-old Muhummed was born blind and severely disabled and after suffering a chest infection last week stopped breathing at the family home on Clinton Street, Blackburn.

Mrs Patel said it was completely the boys' idea and was extremely moved when she read what they had written about their brother.

She said: "I was shocked when I saw the words because they expressed exactly what I was also feeling.

"I didn't think that being so young they would understand what had happened.

"It was really heart warming and everyone who has read the poems have said how moved they were by them.

"It is just amazing to think that two little boys can sum up what we are all feeling at the moment."

Faheem and Naseer are pupils at Daisyfield Primary School and took the beautifully-decorated poems into their classes to read to their friends.

Naseer said: "When we took them in the teachers and our friends went, 'Wow!'

"We read them out to the class and our teachers said they were really well written."

Mrs Patel said she was glad that the boys were at school together and would have each other for support.

She added: "All the children at the school know what has happened and have been very kind to them both, but it is nice to know that they have got each other."

Now the poems are on show with the condolence cards and a card with the imprints of Muhummed's tiny hands and feet, which the hospital took from his body as a keepsake for the family.

PC Tracy Lowe, a family liaison officer, has been in contact with the family since Muhummed's death on Friday, October 8, and said she was moved by the brothers' beautiful tributes.

She said: "For them to express their grief like this is amazing.

"You wonder if being so young they fully understand what is going on but this shows that they do and gives them something to remember their brother by in years to come.

"I don't think they will ever forget Muhummed."