ONCE again the masses have descended on Pendle Hill for Hallowe'en. And once again the stupidity of a few has almost caused a tragedy.

For years, we have had the traffic chaos caused by scores of cars heading to the top of our famous witching beacon.

Now we have a group of 15 people having to be rescued after seemingly walking to the top and then drinking until they could not get down again.

The cost in terms of police and rescue teams' resources is bad enough - but it could have been so much worse.

And within hours, yobs were throwing fireworks at another group of rescue workers and their dog.

And the incidents highlight the lack of organised events on Pendle Hill, which could ensure these incidents do not happen. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Pendle Hill was in America it would be lit up for days before October 31, with razzmatazz, shows and events designed to maximise the area's marketing potential and make sure everyone is safe.

There would be so many glittery lights and wardens in wizard outfits that it would be impossible to get lost or make a nuisance of yourself.

And the scores of guided coach trips with microphone-wielding witches re-telling the story of Pendle Hill would mean that traffic congestion would be a thing of the past too.

Maybe it's time for a new broom.