I AM not in the habit of writing letters of complaint but feel very strongly at the moment. I just wish to know by what right has anyone to decide to sell off Accrington Market Hall?

Councillors making the decision are here today but only temporarily. The market hall is part of Accrington's heritage. It has been there all my life (73 years) and hopefully it will be there another 100 years.

If it is sold then the money received would just be a quick fix, and part of Accrington's heritage would belong to people who would only have a financial interest in Accrington.

Once the money was spent, the people of Hyndburn would not benefit from the income. It would be a company having to make profits. This could mean them putting up the rents for the traders who would in turn probably leave. This would leave Accrington as a shopping area in a worse state than it is already.

Accrington councillors should get the finances sorted out without selling off what is not theirs to sell.

MRS CORRIE STEWART, Ribblesdale Avenue, Accrington.