WITH reference to the article regarding Councillor Roy Davies and the spyholes for residents on Sudellside, Darwen (LET, October 26), he states that the cost is £350-£400 each.

I don't know where this information came from, but you can purchase them from about £3-£5 each from any DIY store and all it takes is to drill a hole in the door to fit it.

Blackburn with Darwen trading standards office will supply free of charge a notice to put in the window to warn doorstep callers that they are not welcome. They also supply a booklet 'Think Twice.' This is an excellent booklet giving helpful information, and it is also in large print.

Points to remember on doorstep callers

People should:

1. Not let an uninvited stranger into your home

2. Not agree to buy anything until you have had advice or other quotes from other traders

3. Not sign anything or pay a deposit until you are absolutely sure you want it

4. Be frightened by any scare stories as they are usually nonsense

Keep the door chain on and ask for identification and ask yourself: Do I want or need this? Can I get it cheaper? Can I afford it?

Be prepared to say 'no thank you' and close the door when in doubt. If in doubt ring the police or a neighbour. Be safe and not sorry.

ALBERT CAVILLE, Lancashire Neighbourhood Watch Association, King's Road, Blackburn.