BURNLEY'S parks and open spaces are set to become alcohol-free zones.

Borough councillors want to ban people from drinking in the open to stop anti-social behaviour which they say is plaguing the town.

The move came after Liberal Democrat leader Gordon Birtwistle called for colleagues to ask officers to look into the idea. He said: "If we can expand the ban on drinking that would be a great benefit to the town."

Mr Birtwistle had originally intended to exclude Towneley Park from the measure but council leader Stuart Caddy, Labour, argued it should be included and the whole council agreed.

If police ask drinkers to hand open bottles and cans over they must do so or face a fine.

Councillor Leonard Starr, BNP, said: "This is one of those occasions when it is important for the council to stick together against the dreadful drink-related problems in this town."

A report is expected at the next Burnley Borough Council meeting.