FIRE chiefs are keeping watch on a telephone box being used to make malicious calls in a bid to catch hoaxers.

Bosses at Burnley fire station have revealed they are being plagued with hoax calls by pranksters using a call box in Hebrew Square, Daneshouse.

They say the phone box is being used several times each month to call fire crews to non-existent fires, putting people at risk if a genuine emergency arises.

Fire bosses are now carrying out surveillance on the area using CCTV in a bid to catch those responsible.

In the latest incident two fire engines were sent to a house in Abel Street at about 9.30pm on Friday following a hoax call from the phone box.

Sub Officer Neil Mark said they were keen to trace those responsible for making the false calls.

He said: "This particular phone box is being used on a regular basis. We receive a number of calls from there every month.

"We are looking into it along with the police and using CCTV is one of the ways we are trying to trace the people responsible.

"We are keen to catch those involved so we can stop them and make an example of them which will hopefully put off others who may be thinking of doing the same sort of thing.

Earlier this week hoaxers were warned their mobile phones could be cut off if they persist in making malicious calls to the emergency services.

Firefighters have received 16 malicious call outs this month and are so sick of the pranksters that calls are being traced so numbers can be disconnected.

Leading firefighter Keith Dixon said: "Younger people do not seem to realise they can be traced.

"If they are found to have made a hoax call we can get on to the mobile company to stop them using the phone."