PENDLE MP Gordon Prentice has welcomed the issue of free passports to Second World War veterans and civilians.

He said: "The free passports are being issued in recognition of the sacrifices made by World War II veterans and civilians.

"Every British citizen born on, or before, September 2, 1929, will now no longer have to pay for a UK passport.

"Many veterans have already received free one-year passports so they could revisit battlefields in the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings last year.

"This is now extended to cover everyone who played a part in the war effort. They will now receive a free passport for life."

The MP continued: "I know that some people will already have applied for a passport this year - and paid the fee.

"If they are eligible to receive the free passport and have applied for one since May 19 this year, they will be able to get a full refund."

"The scheme is to thank and honour every adult who contributed to the war effort - not just those in our armed forces, but those who played their part on the home front."