POLICE officers on a late night patrol spotted a bare-chested youth attacking another, a court heard.

Lee James Isherwood, 18, of Burnley Road East, Waterfoot, Rossendale, appeared before Bury magistrates and admitted a charge of threatening behaviour likely to cause fear of provocation of violence.

The bench made him subject to an 18-hour attendance centre order and ordered him to pay £60 court costs.

Ian Wright, prosecuting, said two police officers on patrol in Bolton Road West, Ramsbottom, after midnight saw two males on the ground rolling around.

Isherwood, who was bare-chested, had the other youth in a headlock and was punching him. The officers separated them and an off-duty policeman who was in the area at the time informed his colleagues that Isherwood had started the fight. Isherwood was arrested and taken to Bury Police Station where he was charged.

Barbara Booth, defending, said Isherwood had been drinking with friends and was making his way home from Ramsbottom when the incident occurred. Words were exchanged with the other youth. Isherwood would say he had been headbutted but this had not been witnessed, she said. His nose had bled. and his top was pulled off leaving him bare-chested and the other male grabbed him by the head. Isherwood then got the upper hand.

"It was six of one and half a dozen of the other and perhaps the other youth should have been arrested," she said.