A BAR owner has been told to take down an advert promoting cheap alcohol after police feared it could encourage binge drinking.

The banner told of an annual sale at Bar Ibiza, in Mincing Lane, Blackburn, and promised "rock bottom" prices every day from 10am till 7pm.

But police, who were already keeping a close eye on the town-centre bar after a several violent incidents during the summer, felt it sent out the wrong message.

But the bar has been allowed to keep selling the drinks at reduced prices, because they are still a pound more expensive than the Postal Order, run by Weatherspoons, in Darwen Street.

Adrian Garner, who runs Bar Ibiza, today said the banner was meant to be a bit of fun in light of the many autumn sales which had started in Blackburn shops.

He added: "I thought it was a good gimmick. I put on the sign that we don't want binge drinkers but we have taken it down now.

"There is no way that many of the pubs can compete with Weatherpoons. They are selling alcopops for 99p.

"I have a really good relationship with the police.

"They have kept an eye on the bar and sorted out the troublemakers."

In July, after police requests, the bar withdrew a Thursday dance night after a woman was glassed.

This followed officers being called on two other occasions that week to alleged assaults.

Then in August a bottle was smashed in the face of a reveller.

Mr Garner, who also runs Never Never Land in Market Street Lane, insisted his bar was a safe venue.

He added: "Unfortunately I think the problems were because the town centre is surrounded by a lot of people who are a bit unfortunate.

"We have the Salvation Army, a probation hostel, drug unit and drop-in centres nearby.

"They are all within 50 yards of the centre and I think we just went through a phase of having a few of them in.

"But the police have really cleaned it up now."

PS Rachel Hanley, in charge of town centre policing, said: "The prices are not very low but we asked him to take the banner down because the general feeling was that it makes it look worse than it is.

"We thought it could encourage binge drinking, although Adrian did put a message up saying no binge drinkers, which shows the message is getting through to the licensees.

"Weatherspoons' drinks are cheaper but they do not tend to get the trouble. I think he was just trying to compete with them."