MR Kaiserman (October 19) never once argues against the BNP on the grounds of its policies, preferring to return ad nauseum to Nazis and Hitler.

He writes of a leading light of the BNP dressed as a Nazi. This is probably John Tyndall who founded the party and took it nowhere for many years with policies that were unacceptable and undesirable. Far from being a leading light he isn't even a member anymore.

The reference to someone denying the Holocaust is, I presume, Nick Griffin who did not deny to me that millions of Jews were killed by the Nazis during the war when I asked him about it earlier this year.

Mr Kaiserman argues against asylum-seekers being a cost to the economy but says they dont work and receive £38.96 a week, conveniently forgetting the cost of their housing (up to £7,000 per year) gas, electricity, health care, and legal representation.