AS chairman of the recently formed Friends of Redisher Wood, I write in reply to the letter from Tadpole (October 22).

At our meeting on September 7, two members of the MoD Defence Estates team were present, one of whom was the forester responsible for the Holcombe Moor site.

As a result of our protests, we have now been informed that all the trees mentioned in your correspondents letter are to be removed, thus restoring the views. The MoD are keen to be made aware of local opinions and will receive copies of our minutes. Their representatives will also attend our meetings on a regular basis.

Regarding "Tadpole's" other "fears", I would point out that our purpose is to make Redisher Wood a local nature reserve, which will be a benefit to everyone, and will include educational visits from our local schools.

For the information of "Tadpole" and any other interested party, our next meeting is on November 9, in the library at Woodhey High School. New members will be most welcome.


Hillstone Close,

Greenmount, Bury.