SPRING is sprung and it's that time of the year when our roadside verges and central reservations begin to look really colourful with daffodils in bloom.

But the addition of a dash of yellow to the landscape in Blackburn and Darwen also seems to act like a chequered flag to workmen revving up mowers ready to massacre the blooms.

It was four years ago that this newspaper first highlighted the annual daffodil cull following complaints from readers.

At that time the council said steps had been taken to stop workmen cutting the flowers down in full bloom rather than mowing around them.

But the same protests have followed each year as arrival of the blaze of yellow coincides with the start of the grass cutting season.

Now after yet more phone calls the council has confirmed new rules for those who mow the verges.

Some stems, we are told, will never bloom because of previous cutting but others which can will only be cut six weeks after they have died unless they are blocking the view of drivers.

It is astonishing that after four years this simple but irritating matter is still the subject of complaints.

It should be quite clear cut. If you see daffodils don't mow them down!