He's the awe inspiring genius

Who lives just down our lane.

He wears a size twelve trilby hat,

To protect his massive brain.

He can lecture Einstein's theory

And his maths are quite the tops,

He knows algebra and calculus

Why -- his talent never stops.

He speaks a dozen languages

From French to Double Dutch,

He composes classic music

With Tchaikovsky's royal touch.

He can make a Caesar salad

That makes angels shout for more,

And his recipe for strogonoff

Makes even lions roar.

His wife says "he isn't perfect

He can be a wrong shaped peg,"

She would even try to tell you

"He can't even boil an egg.

He's a real dunce on the home front

And at times he's such a pain,"

But to us, he's still the genius

Who lives just down our lane.

NORMAN COOMBES, Spring Lane, Blackburn.