IN Wednesday's Telegraph there was an article about recruitment for the police force at an Islamic school. By all means they have a right to apply, but I bet they don't have to wait as long as my granddaughter has for a reply.

She left university three years ago and applied for the police, she passed the course exams and was told they would let her know within the next six months. It is now over 12 months since she rang only to be told the only intakes they were taking at present were among the ethnics. Why advertise then?

It makes people biased. When she passed the exams, plus she has to work while they make up their minds when they are going to send for her.

When they ask her where she worked before when applying for a job she cannot keep telling them she's waiting for a reply from the police force. They won't take her on because they say it won't be permanent and they would rather have someone who was going to stay with the firm.

A very angry grandmother.