HAVING read your front page (Hospital nursery bombshell, March 18) I'm absolutely amazed that workers at Queen's Park Hospital are complaining! I feel that I have to write on behalf of 'normal fee paying' parents of children who attend private day care.

The staff at Queen's Park Hospital are extremely fortunate to have had a subsidised nursery in the first place and to pay just £370 is absolutely fantastic, I'd be over the moon if I was paying that. The article quotes 'although parents pay fees similar to those at private nurseries', I can assure the staff at Queen's Park that £370 per month is far from 'similar.' It amuses me to notice that a Senior Radiographer will quit his job if the nursery closes, no doubt he's been paying reduced fees since his child started nursery and ultimately this will have saved him a great amount over the years. He'll have a terrible shock if he tries to get his child into a 'normal' private nursery.

'Normal nursery fees,' for a nursery which employees qualified staff in an environment which your child is safe and comfortable but most importantly, I am able to leave my child on a daily basis in the safe and assured knowledge that she is looked after to the highest possible standards are £721.50 per month, for 12 months, no reduced fees for holidays etc. That's £8,658 per year, not £4,440 per year.

I'm amazed that the Trust is paying for this kind of employee benefit in the first place, surely employing qualified nurses and doctors, cutting waiting lists etc., are government objectives that need to be invested in, not allowing staff the luxury of subsidised nursery.

I would suggest to the 32 staff members at Queen's Park who have their children in the subsidised nursery, try and find a decent nursery in this area -- it's really not that easy. Personally I have to go to the outskirts of Chorley each day because I couldn't find a nursery that I was comfortable with in this area.

I'm sure there are some fantastic nurseries in this area but they very rarely have places available.

Name and address received.