A MOTHER whose six-year-old girl was on the brink of death has today revealed her amazing fight for life and said: "She's one in a million."

The parents of cancer sufferer Katie Martin spoke after celebrating the news that her cancer was in remission.

And now the battling youngster dubbed "Miss Sunshine" -- for her love of the warm weather and bright outlook is looking forward to a dream visit to the sunshine state.

For Katie, her mum Anita, dad David, 40, and brothers James, 14, Andrew, 13, and sister Nicole, nine, will be jetting off to Florida next month thanks to the charity When You Wish Upon A Star.

Brave Katie defied doctors' predictions after her parents were told she wouldn't make it through the night when she collapsed and lost consciousness two years ago.

She was diagnosed with T-cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma -- cancer of the Lymph glands.

Harsh chemotherapy treatment led to Katie, a pupil at St Johns Primary School in Rising Bridge, losing her long, blonde locks and suffering a series of infections.

Anita, 33, of Whitecroft View, Baxenden, said: "Katie's brother found her collapsed at the top of the stairs. Her face was blue and she'd stopped breathing.

"She was rushed to Blackburn Royal Infirmary and taken into intensive care. The doctors prepared us for the worst and said she wasn't going to make it. That seemed like the longest night of our lives and we thought we'd lost her."

Katie was transferred to Pendlebury Children's Hospital, Manchester, where she spent 18 weeks.

The strong steroids prescribed prevented Katie from walking and made her weight increase.

"It's been a tough time for the whole family," Anita explained.

"But she's a fighter and that's what's really got her through this. She's one in a million."

Representatives from the Stockport-based charity made a surprise visit to Katie's home yesterday to hand over the tickets.

The Martin family will visit Disneyworld and swim with dolphins -- something Katie has always wanted to do.

She said: "I'm feeling much better now. I love dolphins. I can't wait to swim with them with my armbands on. It's only 18 sleepnights before I go on the plane and I can't wait."