RAMSBOTTOM's second chocolate festival kept confectionary lovers in seventh heaven at the weekend.

Visitors could try chocolate beer, wine and pizza or enjoy a nine-course chocolate tasting menu.

If they did not fancy eating chocolate they could enjoy a chocolate beauty treatment, including a scented spray tan.

Clive Davidson, from Rawtenstall, said: “It is fantastic to have an event like this so close, it really is unique.

"There are a lot of people about which shows how successful it has been.”

Karen Williams, of Ramsbottom, visited the festival with her two children.

“The children are loving it,” she said. “It is great fun.

“There is a lot to do and a lot of entertainment as well, there’s a real buzz around the town.”

Chocolate coffee, crepes and ice cream were on sale throughout the weekend at Market Place, with the Jill Fielding Rock Folk Band providing entertainment.

Paul Morris, owner of the Chocolate Café in Ramsbottom, said: “The event further enhances Ramsbottom’s reputation as a gourmet hotspot.”