INTERNET users from across the globe are logging on to watch Clitheroe’s ‘shrinking glacier’.

The widespread interest in the huge pile of snow on a supermarket car park was sparked by the efforts of amateur photographer Dennis Ogden, who has been putting images online every week.

At first he began posting the pictures due to interest from a few friends who had begun guessing on what date it would disappear.

However, the winter phenomenon on Booths supermarket car park ended up creating international interest, with internet users from as far afield as Australia, Montreal, and Connecticut, keeping a watchful eye on it.

Mr Ogden, 76, who is a retired computer analyst, said: “I was just taking pictures for fun and it all went from there really.

“It has been there quite a long time and shrunk dramatically from the first picture.

“A number of friends were interested in when it might disappear and began to guess dates, so I set up a website where we could all watch it and posted pictures of it regularly.

“People seemed to catch on to the game and have been having fun guessing how long it would last.”

The snow has been piled high outside the Booths store since the snowfalls of late December, causing many visitors to re-visit the page in the past few months with new estimates.

To see Mr Ogden’s snow pile photos, and the dates of melting already suggested by his national and international audience, click on the link to his website below.