VIDEOS shot by three Blackburn men accused of preparing acts of terrorism have been released by police.

The prosecution say the footage shows that Abbas Iqbal, 24, his brother Ilyas, 23, both of Percival Street, and Muhammed Ali Ahmad, 26, of Whalley Range, had started to train themselves to join or carry out jihad.

But the defence for the three men says the films were 'a bit of fun'.

The videos have been released to the media after they have been played to the jury at Manchester Crown Court.

The homemade footage shows the men firing weapons in the air at the back of their homes.

Another piece of film, titled the 'Blackburn Resistance', shows two of the men dressed in camouflage crawling across woodland in Corporation Park, Blackburn.

One of them appears to be carrying a rifle.

The footage is introduced by a voice stating they are 'fighting against oppression'.

The prosecution say this was 'shot in the style of genuine al Qaeda films'.

Also released was 'raw material' of a beheaded man and images of Osma Bin Laden and other terrorist figures from the internet said to have been found on a computer.

The prosecution has told the trial that they do not suggest the three men were part of a 'highly sophisticated, well trained or well funded cell', but they had been 'intoxicated by the evil of terrorism'.

The men have not yet given evidence in their defence, but the court has been told they indicated to police that the films were not intended to be serious.

All three men are accused of preparation for acts of terrorism and the brothers are charged with possession of a document likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Abbas Iqbal is charged with possessing terrorist publications with a view to distributing them and encouraging terrorism.