AN EAST Lancashire businessman was astonished to see a spooky figure in his photographs after downloading shots of an historic castle in Wales.

Kevin Horkin, from Clitheroe, was viewing the almost derelict Gwrych Castle at Abergele in North Wales two weeks ago with the view to buying it.

After downloading the digital photos his colleague had taken, they were both astonished to see the ghostly vision of a woman.

Kevin, who owns Spex opticians and psychic management company Parallel Management, said: “I buy property and was looking at the castle with the view buying it.

“My colleague Oliver Tennant was with me taking photos of the different elevations.

“The castle is in 270 acres of land and there was no one else around apart from the land agent.

“It was only when we got back to the office that we downloaded the picture from the Blackberry and we saw the image of the woman.

“Looking at the picture from a scientific point of view we through that there could be the possibility that it showed two different pictures that had got mixed up.

“But we have looked at all the pictures on the Blackberry and there are none with a woman on looking like the one in the photograph.”

Kevin has put a bid in for the castle which he hopes to turn into a luxury psychic retreat.