AN EAST Lancashire firefighter has travelled halfway around the world to share safety advice.

Faz Patel, of the community safety department at Burnley fire station, jetted out to Oman as an ambassador for the county brigade.

Part of his mission, mirroring activities in the county, has been to promote kitchen safety during Ramadan, in Omani homes.

And it appeared as though his work was well-received by community leaders in the south-west Asian country Mr Patel, who lives in Blackburn, said: “After the presentation, I was approached by many groups from various ministries who were interested in the programme as there is lack of information on fire safety in Oman.

“I visited the students at their Fire Safety College, where I shared our fire safety programme and discussed with them on how they can make a difference within their communities, during Ramadan, in kitchen-related fires.

“Hopefully, in the summer, fire safety students will translate the programme into Arabic and design an internet forum where we can share good practice.”

Mr Patel, a fire safety community practitioner, spent three weeks in the sultanate, learning about community, education and social services. The trip was taken in his own time.

He also helped to set up an intercultural gathering and addressed members of the Omani Women’s Association.

Jerry Cragg, community protection manager for the Pennine area, said: "I am sure that the experience, skills and knowledge that Faz took to Oman will be invaluable to their communities and will certainly make it a safer place and reduce the number of fire related incidents.

“Exchanges of this nature are also invaluable to our own local communities, we still have a lot to learn and the sharing of good practice will make our own areas even safer.”

The programme which took Mr Patel to Oman was Global XCHange, run by the British Council.