EAST LANCASHIRE MPs have repaid more than £6,800 in Parliamentary expenses, it has been revealed.

A report by former civil servant Sir Thomas Legg has been published, showing for the first time his audit of members’ claims.

Sir Thomas had been asked to review MPs’ historic claims following the public outcry when details of the allowances system were uncovered last year.

Five East Lancashire MPs were asked to return money, which has all been repaid.

Outgoing Burnley Labour MP Kitty Ussher was the only one from East Lancashire MP to formally appeal against her Legg letter. She told Sir Paul Kennedy, the judge in charge of the appeals process, she had not known about the limit because it was set retrospectively.

In his response Sir Paul admitted it was 'most unfortunate' she had not been aware of it, but dismissed her appeal because there were 'no special circumstances'. This week she repaid £1,271.65.

The largest repayment of East Lancashire MPs came from Pendle MP Gordon Prentice, who was asked to return £2,620.95 in mortgage interest claims made over three years.

For the first time it was also revealed Hyndburn MP Greg Pope had repaid a total of £1,331.13. The Legg review had only identified an overpayment of £166.79, relating to mortgage interest.

Mr Pope, who is standing down at the general election, said: “At all times I have sought to conduct myself with honesty and this report confirms that.”

Meanwhile, Blackburn MP Jack Straw repaid £600 after Sir Thomas found that part of his 2004 allowances had been “incorrectly added up”, and Ribble Valley Tory MP Nigel Evans paid back a total of £1,030.31. This included £858.33 requested by Legg for duplicate rent and service charge payments and extra amounts identified by the MP’s own audit of his claims.

Janet Anderson, who represents Rossendale and Darwen, and Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle were both told they had “no issues” by Sir Thomas.

Across the country the demands for repayment total £1.1million, although a number of MPs made successful appeals against his findings.

Jack Straw, Blackburn

CLAIMED: 2008/09 totalled £6,275. Taxpayers paid for book shelves, a shelf and wall light and book cases at his Blackburn home.

PAID BACK: £600 after Sir Thomas Legg found part of his 2004 allowances were ‘incorrectly added up’.

Kitty Ussher, Burnley

CLAIMED: Her £23,671.21 claims for 2008/09 included £16,000 for a new kitchen.

PAID BACK: £1,271.65 because her claim for a new kitchen in 2008 exceeded the retrospective limits set by the Legg review.

Janet Anderson, Darwen and Rossendale

CLAIMED: In 2008/09 she claimed £24,006 in second home expenses, including £4,400 for food and £504 in dry cleaning bills.

PAID BACK: Was not asked to repay anything.

Greg Pope, Hyndburn

CLAIMED: In 2008/09 he claimed £21,613, the majority of which on £18,000 of mortgage interest on his London second home.

PAID BACK: £1,331.13 in total. The Legg review only identified an overpayment of £166.79, relating to mortgage interest.

Gordon Prentice, Pendle

CLAIMED: Claimed £19,381.88 in 2008/09, including £3,565 for groceries and £100 for cleaning products.

PAID BACK: £2,620.95 in mortgage interest claims.

Nigel Evans, Ribble Valley

CLAIMED: Total claim for 2008/09 was £21,181, including mortgage interest of £1,333 a month.

PAID BACK: £1,030.31, which included £858.33 requested by Legg for duplicate rent and service charges.