AN East Lancashire college has announced it is putting up tuition fees from September.

Blackburn College has decided to raise university fees for new students from £1,285 to £3,290.

But bosses at the University Centre said the £2,005 increase would bring the centre, which hosts degree programmes on behalf of the universities in Lancaster, Glamorgan and Huddersfield, in line with other similar institutions across the country.

They say that they will be offering bursaries of up to £1,000 to students to help with costs.

Blackburn College Student Union president Qasim Asad said the decision could affect people choosing to study at the University Centre.

Qasim said: “I would imagine a lot of students will be disappointed by the decision. One of the unique selling points of the University Centre is that there are low fees, but we are due to hold talks and have been told the centre will be offering bursaries to students.”

Vice principle Yana Williams said the additional funding would enable the college to offer more one-to-one support to students.

She said: “The decision was discussed last academic year and we have taken the decision to put them up from September.”

Current degree students will not be affected.