AN investigation is underway after a house party in Burnley ended with a woman needing treatment for smoke inhalation after a blaze.

Detectives are looking to question a number of people who attended a gathering in Dean Street, off Burnham Gate, on Sun-day night and Monday morning.

Firefighters were called to the terrace property just after 3.30am after a fire was reported in an upstairs bedroom.

The cause of the fire was initially thought to be suspicious, but the exact cause is under investig-ation by police.

A spokesman for Nelson Fire Station, which sent one crew to the blaze, said that a woman was sitting on the front step of the house when they arrived at the scene. She was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital for treatment.

He said there were still a large number of people “milling about” the area who had been at the party.

The fire caused severe damage to the bedroom and smoke damage throughout the house.

The front window was also smashed during the incident. House-to-house inquiries have been conduc-ted by members of Burnley CID, but a a number of party guests still need to be traced.

Det Sgt Ian Taylor said no arrests had been made in relation to the incident so far and he had a number of officers working on the case.

“We need to establish if the fire was set deliberately, or if it was accidental.

“There were a lot of people in the vicinity and there are also a number of peripheral issues which need to be resolved,” he added.