THE mother of arson fire victim Adbullah Mohammed died of pneumonia after surgery, unaware of the tragedy which had killed her son and daughter-in-law.

An inquest heard Fatima Ibrahim Mohammed, 73, of London Road, Blackburn, contracted the chest infection after complications with an operation to repair a hiatus hernia and torn oesophagus.

She deteriorated and was not aware of the fire on October 21, when she died on November 6.

Mrs Mohammed had been admitted to Royal Blackburn Hospital on September 25 with digestion problems.

Statements from staff said before the scheduled surgery on October 13, a naso-gastric tube was inserted which perforated her oesophagus wall.

This was repaired in the surgery, but it lengthened the operation.

Mrs Mohammed’s husband, Ibrahim Mohammed, and their daughters Latifa Mohmed, Sabria Patel, Fridia Patel, and son Ayub Mohammed, heard pathologist Dr Mark Sissons tell the inquest the tear was a ‘recognised complication’ of the surgery.

He said: “I accept the tear did not help the situation.

"The operation was longer than it would have been otherwise and was a contributing factor.”

Dr Sissons said chronic renal failure and an enlarged heart also contributed to the death.

Elaine Block, assistant deputy coroner, recorded a narrative verdict, saying ‘many different factors’ contributed to her death.