TV viewers are being urged to make last-minute changes to ensure that they do not miss out when the analogue signal is finally switched off tomorrow.

The digital switchover has been hailed a success so far in Lancashire after the first phase - which saw the BBC2 signal switched off - last month.

Digital UK, which is managing the switchover, said it has dealt with a range of queries including tuning issues, but that no major problems were reported.

Now viewers must ensure all their TVs can receive a digital signal.

Freeview viewers will need to retune again too.

Jo Waters, regional manager for Digital UK, said: “For the vast majority of viewers, switchover has been a straightforward and positive change.”

She also said that those who have been experiencing signal problems in the past month should be boosted when the new digital signal is broadcast from the Winter Hill transmitter.

Ms Waters said that there are massive benefits to switching over, including a raft of new channels for no extra cost via Freeview and a much clearer picture.

She said: “By December 2 anyone who hasn’t switched will lose all channels and won’t be able to watch Coronation Street, EastEnders or the X Factor.

“We have had digital for a very long time and it is nothing to be frightened of.

"The switchover has gone well in Border, Wales and the West Country regions and we expect the same here.

“Most people receive their transmissions through the big transmitter in Winter Hill but due to geography – the area has lots of hills and valley – not everyone receives the signal directly from it.

“In areas such as Ramsbottom, Darwen, Bacup and Haslingden residents receive their signal through relay transmitters which often give a poor quality analogue signal.

“The digital switchover should solve this problem and these areas will be able to get Freeview for the first time.”

She said 97 per cent of residents in the Granada region had already gone digital.

For those who are yet to change there are three main ways to convert a television:

* Buy a Freeview box. The cheapest on the market is £20. Your television aerial connects to the Freeview box.

* Via cable TV offered by Virgin.

* Through satellite from Sky or non-subscription service FreeSat.

For further advice, contact Digital UK, the independent, non-profit body in charge of switchover by visiting their website which is found at or contact the helpline on 0845 6505050.