A PARAMEDIC alleged to have told a critically ill patient to ‘stop being stupid’ said that at no point did he bully the woman into an ambulance.

Paul Jackson told a hearing of the Health Professions Council that he helped her to the vehicle and placed her hand on a rail but never became angry.

'I probably did say, 'pull yourself up' but there wasn’t anything malicious about that,' he said.

He denied saying: 'Stop being stupid and use your feet. We ain’t got time for this, just stop messing about.'

The patient, referred to as MT, had fallen over and needed a stretcher but alleged Jackson 'frogmarched' her to the ambulance.

Mr Jackson said: 'MT was walking between John (the ambulance driver) and myself in a relatively normal fashion. I didn’t say those words.'

He said if MT had not been able to walk to the ambulance, it would have been impossible to get her inside without a chair or stretcher.

Ray Carrick, representing Jackson, denied claims his client had caused MT bruising.

He said the injuries she had 'could have been caused at any time'.

Mr Carrick also rubbished claims MT lost consciousness in the ambulance.

Jackson, 60, of Charles Street, Clayton-le-Moors, admits attending to the patient; telling her she was having a panic attack; failing to fasten her jeans properly; and failing to ensure blue flashing lights and ambulance siren were used.

He denies repeatedly telling her to stop being stupid and failing to provide assistance for her to stand, which resulted in her falling over.

He further denies 'frogmarching' her to the ambulance; telling MT to walk after refusing her a stretcher; telling her to 'use her feet, we ain't got time for this, just stop messing about; refusing to give MT oxygen; failing to notice she had lost consciousness; removing her oxygen mask at hospital; failing to monitor the patient prior to handover; and failing to recognise the seriousness of the situation.

Jackson also denies that his fitness to practise is impaired.

If found guilty, he could be thrown out of the profession.

The hearing continues.