A BURNLEY lollipop man has appeared in front of millions on BBC TV’s Newsround programme in a special feature about road safety.

Peter Griffiths, who helps children from Worsthorne Primary School safely across the road, told viewers about the role of a ‘crossing patrol’.

And the pupils also became national TV stars when they were inter-viewed on camera and asked what they thought of their lollipop man.

Both Peter and the children agreed it was a “wonderful experience” and were happy to help raise awareness about road safety.

As part of the feature the Newsround presenter Ricky Boleto was shown the ropes by Peter, who told him the basics of safely crossing roads.

He was then kitted-out in his own high-visibility outfit and given a ‘lollipop’ all under Peter's watchful eye.

Peter, who has been on crossing patrol for 10 years, said: “It was a wonderful experience and I didn't feel nervous.”

Children including Year 6 pupils, Olivia Cam-bridge, Greg Thomas, Lewis Conroy, and Louise Todd were all interviewed along with Year 5 pupil Imogen Dewhurst and Elizabeth Marney, who is in Year 4.

The piece appeared on Newsround and was broadcast on CBBC and BBC One.

The show, made famous by John Craven, is a children's news and current affairs show.

During the broadcast Louise said: “Our lollipop man is very kind.

“He is very brave to stand out in the traffic and we love him.”

Peter works for Lancashire County Comm-ercial Group, which is Lancashire County Council's direct service organisation.

The coverage followed a successful recent campaign by the county council's crossing patrols team to nelp to recruit more new staff.