POLICE found around £10,000 of cocaine after a routine vehicle check in Darwen.

Police officers in Blackburn Street, Darwen, pulled over a car at 7.15pm on Tuesday.

While speaking to the occupants of the vehicle, officers said they were noticed a ‘suspicious smell’.

A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed £2,000 of suspected cannabis bush in the boot, police said.

One suspect was then arrested close to Lloyd Street.

Police closed off the scene and called Darwen Fire Service for assistance.

The crew helped the officers recover a plastic bag from the roof of a nearby factory.

They said this contained a quantity of white powder wrapped in paper. Police said this was £10,000 worth of cocaine.

Ian Potter, station manager at Darwen, said: “We were requested to provide a ladder, which we put up and the police used, as they believed drugs may have been on the rooftop of Horizon Foam on Lloyd Street.”

Thomas Clough, 22, of Highfield Street, Darwen, and Christopher Wells, 22, of Elswick Street, Darwen, were due to appear before Blackburn Magistrates’ Court today.

They are charged with possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply, and possession of Class B drugs with intent to supply.