THREE men are set to appear in court over an alleged £1million buy-to-let property fraud covering homes in Burnley and Pendle.

Police have said the fraud, which involves 23 victims, mainly from Ireland and southern England, went on for nearly four years.

The three are alleged to have advertised homes in Burnley and Pendle regeneration areas, at inflated prices, with false promises of guaranteed tenants and refurbishment, which never materialised.

Mark Lenton Jopson, 49, of Quarry Street, Burnley, has been charged with conspiracy to defraud, aiding and abetting a bankrupt to trade, and aiding and abetting an undischarged bankrupt being concerned in the management of a company.

The bankrupt is said to be Raymond Harold Abramson, 66, of Whitefield, Bury, who is also charged with conspiracy to defraud, being a bankrupt engaging in trade, and an undischarged bankrupt being concerned in company management.

Another charged is John Edwards, 41, of Sedgeley Park, Bury, who is accused of the same conspiracy and aiding and abetting charges as Jopson.

The three were charged following an investigation by Greater Manchester Police fraud unit and will appear before city magistrates on October 27.