SPEEDING motorists will be targeted by police after a series of dangerous driving incidents were reported outside a Rossendale primary school.

Officers have been meeting with residents and stopping motorists in Newchurch to remind people to stick to the speed limits.

A campaign has been launched to prevent the junction of Top Barn Lane and St Peter’s Roman Catholic Primary School in St Peter’s Road becoming an accident blackspot.

PC Martin Gallagher said: “It is imperative that people come forward and tells us about their concerns so that we can start to tackle them and PACT meetings are a great way to do just that.

“As this case illustrates, where we know there is a clear problem, we can take action – and we do.

“In this case we spent a full morning doing speed checks and speaking to people about our activity.”

Though speed enforcement excercises have been carried out this week, some residents think the problem is more complex.

Jonathan Marshall, 38, of Newchurch Road, said: “There are far too many cars on the road and when you have a small place like Newchurch, then it can cause major problems.

“Outisde the school can get bad at peak times, but the drivers should not be able to do what they want by speeding and parking where they please.

“We have to start using public transport more or have car shares.”

Rossendale police officers are hoping drivers who use Newchurch Road will think twice about speeding.

PC Gallagher added: “It is something we may well repeat in the near future so my message is this: speed kills.

“Speed limits are there for a reason, please stick to them.”