A MAN who was viciously beaten by racist thugs has appealed for help in catching the gang.

The 28-year-old from Audley was racially abused, punched to the ground and kicked by around 10 to 12 white men in a violent assault.

He instinctively put his arms over his head as the blows rained in on him, suffering a broken arm and broken rib.

He recalled: “I had been out with a friend on Friday night – September 26 – and we were walking along King Street at about 12.30am to 1am on the Saturday morning, going to get some food.

“A group of about 12 white youths came running over, shouting racist words. They chased my friend off and just went for me.

“I got punched in the jaw and then when I was on the floor, they were trying to kick me in the head. All I could see were legs. It was terrifying.”

The man, who is too fearful of reprisals to give his name, said he heard a female voice shouting to leave him alone and the gang ran off. As he staggered to his feet and into a taxi, he realised he was in serious pain and went straight to hospital where he was kept in with a snapped arm and broken rib.

Doctors have inserted a metal plate into his arm to pin the bones together.

On his attackers, the man said: “They should be locked up.”

Detective Constable Sal Yusuf said: “It’s a serious crime and a sustained attack.

"There’s no other reason for this attack than racial motivation.

“It’s an unprovoked assault which could have been far more serious had the lady not intervened and the gang ran off.”

Contact the community cohesion unit on 01254 353638.