FOOTBALL fans have been urged not to come ‘looking for trouble’ when Blackburn Rovers play Burnley on Sunday.

Lancashire Constabulary Superintendent Chris Bithell believes the fixture at 1pm on Sunday will be remembered for what happens on the field, rather than off it.

He told the Lancashire Telegraph any would-be troublemakers would be quickly dealt with.

Supt Bithell said it was not a case of ‘all leave cancelled’ across East Lancashire, but that there would be a ‘sizeable police presence’ involving officers from across the county.

He said: “It is a propor-tionate response to a high-profile derby fixture and we will be working to ensure people get to the game safely.”

As part of the operation, police teams will also be deployed in surrounding towns such as Accrington, with the game being shown live on Sky Sports.

Supt Bithell said: “The policing operation is across the whole of East Lancashire.

“We are mindful the match is on TV. We hope our resources bode well for the confidence of the local communities.”

Despite speculation, he said police did not have any information about pre-planned disorder and Supt Bithell was keen to remind fans that derby day was about the football.

He said: “We are working hard with both clubs on the travel plans which have been well publicised.

"With the game on TV we expect local people to watch it in their home vicinity.

“In relation to any Burnley fans wanting to come to Blackburn, intent on causing problems, they will be robustly dealt with.

“We’ll assess why they are coming to Blackburn and deal with it.

“We want this game to be remembered for what happens on the pitch.”

Police have been criticised by some fans for making all Clarets fans travel to Ewood Park on official coaches setting off from Turf Moor from 9.30am.