SCHOOLS, businesses and community groups have come together to create Lancashire’s longest doodle.

This week pupils from Pendle Vale College, Nelson, have been working on the art project that sees a 200-metre-long stretch of cotton drawn on with designs of the artist’s choice.

Marketing business BrandSpankin’ is behind the doodle, which they hope to put on display when completed, and also raise money for charity.

Managing director Julian Jordan said: “The idea started off as a bit of a joke – then we wondered how much doodling we do in the office.

“As the idea took shape we started to think that we could do something really positive with it, so we’ve got schools, businesses and the wider community involved.

“Besides the fact that we hope to raise a bit of money for Pendleside Hospice, we want to get people involved in a basic artistic activity as we think that creativity spawns ideas that can be the bedrock of regeneration.

“The doodle itself is taking shape on a 200-metre length of cotton because we wanted to reference the former economic glories of the area, but our real focus is on future successes.

“The response so far has been great, and the enthusiasm of the pupils at the schools we’ve visited has been really excellent.

“We doodled 25 metres in two days last week!”

He said that after contacting Guiness World Records experts, they were told they would have to complete a 50km banner to make the record books, but there has been no such similar attempt in Lancashire.

Youngsters at Trawden Forest County Primary School, in Colne, have also taken part in the project.

Any schools, businesses, or community organisations interested in participating in the doodle should call BrandSpankin’ on 01282 878301.