A PARAMEDIC who admitted taking thousands of litres of painkilling gas for his own use has been thrown out of the medical profession.

Timothy Standing dosed himself up on the addictive nitrous oxide based substance Entonox which is used to provide pain relief during childbirth and dental operations.

Bosses at the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) launched an inquiry after 133 cylinders, each containing 360 litres of Entonox, went missing over a three-month period in 2007.

When investigators searched Standing's Burnley home in September 2007 they found six canisters, the Health Professions Council was told.

Standing admitted taking between 15 and 20 cylinders of Entonox from the North West Ambulance Service in 2007.

The hearing was told Standing may have been suicidal at the time he was taking the gas.

But his consumption of prescription drug Champix, used to give up cigarettes, had left him with virtually no memory of taking the Entonox.

HPC chairman Ian Griffiths said the panel was left no choice but to strike Standing off after concluding his integrity was ‘compromised’.

Mr Griffiths said there was little evidence to judge whether Standing was suicidal as this was not mentioned at a disciplinary hearing after the canisters were found at his home.

“It follows that his fitness to practise is impaired,” Mr Griffiths said.

“This is no criticism of his clinical ability, rather a demonstrated lack of insight into problems. His integrity is compromised.”

Mr Griffiths said that given the finding the panel could only impose a suspension or a striking off order.

“Having responded in the way that he has, the panel can have no confidence in him should he find himself in a comparative situation in future.

“At the heart of the profession is an obligation to be open and honest.

“Mr Standing has demonstrated that he doesn’t adhere to that requirement.

“It follows that a striking off order is imposed. The panel considers that it is a proportionate response to the misconduct.”

The paramedic was known to have had a number of personal difficulties, including the recent separation from his partner and the death of his father.

In September 2007, he was interviewed and admitted taking the gas.